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My Goal: My name is Catherine Stevens and each and every day I dedicate my life to helping your beautiful pets, your cats and dogs that are suffering from the effects of commercial pet foods. I specifically deal with food allergies, which can manifest themselves in different ways in different breeds.

I continually see animals with “red” staining on their feet, around their eyes, and in their inner leg areas, and can not understand why pet owners accept this as normal. And I can not understand why loving pet owners, who only want the best for their pets think that excessive shedding (in both dogs and cats), odours and smells, and changes in behaviour are just things that happen to cats and dogs.

Catherine Stevens, Owner

My studying and experience has shown me that these things are not normal, even though they are the norm. Furthermore, I know that these “abnormalities” in our pets is in a large part caused by the ingredients in commercial pet foods such as cheap grains, by-products, animal fat, sugars, and chemicals. My Goal in Life is to ensure our pets stop eating products containing ingredients, which can cause harm and even death to our pets.

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